What is structure? Structure is defined as┬áthe arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex. So what does this have to do with roller derby? A roller derby team is a complex thing. Think of it in terms of a large Lego set, you have 7000 pieces and only one way … Continue reading Structure

Verbal Vomit

When you write a blog, you have to stay consistent with your posts. If you post daily and you get sick, you might miss a day. Half of your 10 dedicated reader decide that the world has ended or at least the author of this blog has been abducted by aliens and will never return. … Continue reading Verbal Vomit

The Sphere

So how do you expand your influence? How do you get people to read your blog? Roller Derby is a growing sport but still a niche one. It’s followers dominate social media but with a couple dozen players per team and 1500 teams the world is littered with roller derby posts and unread blogs. Unless … Continue reading The Sphere

New Skills

Sometimes when you are just starting out you have to discover new skills within yourself. The resources are just not there to have a marketing group, a graphic design group, a social media group, or anything like that. So you have to just stumble through the dark and try to figure it out yourself. Video … Continue reading New Skills

Add me?

I am sitting in social media class and we are discussing the world of Twitter. I am by no means a social media expert. The few times I have dipped my toes into the social media horizon outside of Facebook has been a stuttering experience. I would ‘tweet’ a few times and then kind of … Continue reading Add me?