New Skills

Sometimes when you are just starting out you have to discover new skills within yourself. The resources are just not there to have a marketing group, a graphic design group, a social media group, or anything like that. So you have to just stumble through the dark and try to figure it out yourself. Video … Continue reading New Skills

Add me?

I am sitting in social media class and we are discussing the world of Twitter. I am by no means a social media expert. The few times I have dipped my toes into the social media horizon outside of Facebook has been a stuttering experience. I would ‘tweet’ a few times and then kind of … Continue reading Add me?

Showing Up

On Sunday, 9/16/2018, ICT Roller Derby held what is called a Sunday Funday which is an open scrimmage. 11 players showed up of which 5 were males and 2 of the women have committed to play for Sons of Krypton. The intensity of the scrimmage left us all sore for days afterwards. It was an … Continue reading Showing Up

The Meeting

On Sunday, 9/9/18, I met with the leadership council of ICT roller derby. I laid out the ideas that would comprise the men’s team. I answered the questions about dues, about interested membership, about how practices would be scheduled. We discussed how the team would benefit ICT as a whole. The questions were intense but … Continue reading The Meeting